A-DMZ Morning Tour
(around-07:30)~14:30 *Minimum Pax : 1
(*Most Popular Tour*)

B-DMZ Afternoon Tour
(around-10:20)~17:30 *Minimum Pax : 2
C-DMZ Full Day Tour
(around-07:30)~17:00 *Minimum Pax : 2

< Half Day DMZ Tour >

*D1-A : DMZ Morning

 ***Special Event Price***


DMZ Where Hope to be Built as an International Park Of Peace !

*Reservation On Website ONLY 

*D1-A : DMZ Morning Tour  - Only

***KRW 55,000  46,000 per person (Min.1)

Child (Age 4~10) :  KRW 38,000 / Baby(Age 1~3) : KRW 15,000


Hotel Pick-up(in Seoul City) – Imjingak Park – Bridge of Freedom – the 3rd tunnel – DMZ Exhibition Hall – Dora Observatory -
Dorasan Station – To Seoul – Korean Ginseng or Amethyst center -
Drop (Seoul City Hall Only)

*INCLUDED :    Tour guide, Transportation, Admission Fee,  Pick-up & Drop Service




*DMZ where hope to be built as an international park of peace!

- The President of South Korea, Ms. Park, had a speech in USA Congress. She said that she hoped to work toward an international park of peace in DMZ with remaining trust-building on the Korean Peninsula.

And she said, “DMZ drawn to prevent armed collision is the most militarized place on the planet…There, I believe we can start to grow peace-to grow trust.”

Mr. Obama, the President of USA, also emphasized, “A world without nuclear weapons must start on the Korean Peninsula. For the Peninsula is home to the only divided nation-state and directly faces the threat of nuclear weapons.

It is an ideal test-bed for a future free of nuclear arms.”


*D1-B : DMZ Afternoon

 KRW 65,000 55,000 p/p (Min.2 : For Group of more than 2 people)

Child (Age 4~10) :  KRW 45,000 / Baby(Age 1~3) : KRW 15,000  - Child & Baby is not included in Minimum Pax.

 KRW 65,000  ( In Case of 1 person)


Hotel Pick-up(in Seoul City) – Imjingak Park – Bridge of Freedom – the 3rd tunnel – DMZ Exhibition Hall – Dora Observatory -
Dorasan station – To Seoul – Korean Ginseng or Amethyst center -
Drop (City Hall Only)

*INCLUDED :    Tour guide, Transportation, Admission,  Pick-up & Drop Service


*D1-C  : Full Day DMZ Tour - This tour is not included Panmunjeom (JSA)

KRW 95,000 / 85,000 p/p (Min.2)

 Child (Age 4~10) :  KRW 68,000 / Baby(Age 1~3) : KRW 30,000- Child & Baby is not included in Minimum Pax.

Morning DMZ tour + Lunch + War memorial museum of Korea

< Itinerary >

 Hotel Pick-up(in Seoul City) – Imjingak Park – Bridge of freedom – the 3rd tunnel – DMZ exhibition hall – Dora observatory -
Dorasan station – To Seoul – Korean Ginseng or Amethyst center – Lunch – War memorial museum of Korea -
Drop (City Hall/ Myeongdong/ Itaewon)

*INCLUDED :    Tour guide, Transportation, Admission,  Lunch, Pick-up & Drop Service

    - You must carry your passport on tour day. / No Particular Dress Code for the DMZ tour.


< 365 Days Available Except Mondays & National holidays. >

*D1-A: DMZ  Morning : Where you are staying. (Pick-up: around 07:30)~14:30 KRW 55,000 (Min.1) / KRW 46,000 - – -*RESERVATION on Website ONLY  

*D1-B: DMZ  Afternoon : Where you are staying. (Pick-up: around 10:20)~17:30 KRW 65,000 (Min.2) / KRW 55,000    / KRW 65,000 (In case of 1 pax)

*D1-C: DMZ  Full day : Where you are staying. (Pick-up: around 07:30)~17:00 KRW 95,000 / 85,000 (Min.2) 


<<< Half Day DMZ Tour – Itinerary >>>

*You must carry your passport on tour day.

① Hotel Pickup (where you are staying)

Please be on the time. The tour is scheduled with many another tourists, we can’t wait long after the scheduled pick-up time

: Another tourists are waiting for the pick-up

D1-A / D1-C : Morning / Full Day  (Pick-up: around/07:30)           ※ D1-B : Afternoon (Pick-up: around/10:20)

Let’s start an exciting tour with us! Are you ready?

② Imjingak Park (Freedom Bridge/Mangbaedan/Memorial Monument)

Here we are. Only 50 Minutes drive from Seoul!

This is the tour’s first destination and at the same time this reminds us the pain of division.

③ Unification Bridge-Pass By /ID check point

Korean Army will check your ID for a safety trip. You just need to show your passport according to the rule.

You may feel awkward, but don‘t worry and follow the instruction.

④ The 3rd Tunnel

Third Infiltration Tunnel of total 1,635m was found in 1978. In Third Infiltration Tunnel located in 52km

distant from Seoul, 30,000 solders can move per 1 hour. From 2002, the shuttle elevator, and the high-tech

system’s DMZ theater have been installed and the diversity of sightseeing things are provided.

⑤ DMZ theater & exhibition hall (Video)

DMZ theater & exhibiton hall give you genral information of Korean war & DMZ.

It takes about 15miuntes.

⑥ Dora Observatory & Dorasan Station

This place will show you how North Korea looks like.

An army would explain you how the North Korea looks like and how North&South Korea is divided.

⑦ Unification Village

Unification village is only for Koreans, No foreign visitors are allowed.

⓼ Ginseng Center & Amethysts Center

Ginseng and Amethyst are the most popular product of Korea.

It helps you to keep healthier life. Will be included in every package tour course.

⑨ Arrive Seoul-Drop off at City hall & Myeongdong 



< Cautions for reservation >

- Please take caution to enter precise hotel(hotel name, phone number) and e-mail information for efficient pick ups.

- Child (under 11 years old) is not included in Minimum Pax.

- If you carry big luggage on tour day, please inform us in advance.

- Please let us know in advance if  there are any handicapped person who brings their  assistance such as wheel chair, walker
so that we arrange proper transportation for them.

- After listed on a reservation, we give reply e-mail including tour date/pickup place/pickup time/payment information.

- It would be easier for meeting and payment if you print and keep the confirmation informs.

- If you do not receive a reply mail within 2 days, please check your spam mail box or send us your brief information (tour name, address, phone number, information of companions, etc) by mail.

 <Tour Condition >

- All the tours include the guide, transportation, admission fee.

- In case of full day tour, served lunch. (KRW 10,000 P/P)

- Lunch is not included in half day tour.

- Child fares: Discount price applied to under 11 years old. (No Additional Discounts)

- It is possible to discount for group (over 10 person). Please call or e-mail us for more information about discount.

- You can cancel the reservation until 15:00 p.m. 2 days before only. Afterwards, you will be charged a  50% of total amount as cancellation fee.

- Itinerary is subjected to local condition or weather condition. In this case, we replace another program.

- Some events may be cancelled due to the changeable conditions.

- When the tour cannot be in progress for some natural disasters, there is no refund.

-  We notice that we have no responsibility for your personal incidents and losses during all the tours.

- Please inform to guide in advance, if you need special menu for some reason of religion or vegetarian.

- If we need accommodation in the tour program, provide 1 room for 2 person. (in case of 3 person, provide extra bed)

- Some morning tours will be dropped off at Myeongdong or City hall.

- When we are stuck in a traffic jam, the pick up service will be delayed.

- It is possible to pay all the tour fees by cash/credit card.